The MX Track - How was your day today?

I did however get to the track today.
Took the kid's 125 and some 110 octane. She scooted along nicely.
2nd time riding MX in 6 mos. so I'm definitely rusty. Which is why I left the 250's in the garage.
She was just the tiniest bit boggy in the mid-range, and 2nd gear down low sucked.
I think I need to lean it out. Last time it was ridden was Aug 2019, in 110 degree heat.
And I think I'm gonna spring it for me. The kid ain't riding it.
By the end of the day I was having some fun.
Speaking of the kid, any news there? Not trying to pry just curious. I have the feeling it's just teenage bullshit, and we all snap out of that eventually.

Did not make the MX race I planned, ankle still hurts and probably always will. Sucks getting old. Got my full leather gear and made my first trackday reservation for the streetbike at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin 11/28. If I'm gonna do it I may as well do it BIG.
Any old Honda guys here have a better solution to the rear flat blade caliper pin?
Edit for pics;


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You do know that is just a plug , the bolt is behind it ...
Behind every flat blade cap is a 4mm allen waiting for your wrench.
Yes, we found that out.
Had to take the wizzer wheel to the pads to make room for the vice grips, heat the shit out of the caliper casing, and use an impact driver to get the plug out.
It seems whoever owned this bike before put red loctite on everything.
Currently we need a puller to get the kickstart lever off the splines.
Started a new thread for this widow-maker, here;
Went to the big track this Saturday with the 125.
Been there every day this month.
Lined up for a 40 foot table I've been working on, got the corner, and throttled it.
Finally cleared it.
This is the outcome;


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Holy crap dude is that a mechanical failure or mechanic failure?
Not sure exactly, but very most likely a mechanic failure.
I was the last one that touched it.
I'm just glad I cleared the jump and landed on the downside.

Since the 125 is fukked I was hoping to take the KX to the track this weekend, but I just got the clutch fixed (no idea why it was slipping other than sitting for 4-5 months) but the oil leak I had hoped was just the drain plug washer, is now definitely the right side engine gasket.

Looks like it's time to fire up the YZ250 if I want to ride again.