The MX Track - How was your day today?

Pics or GTFO!
I also went to the track today, also enjoying the low morning temps (70) for the first time since April.
3 months not riding, so I brought the kids 125 (he ain't riding it).
Track was muddy AF.
The bike was last ridden in Aug 2019, 110 degrees.
Went out after warmed, and it had a big fat dead spot if you hammered it.
It would rev and make good power if you came on easy.
Pulled into the pits and pulled the plug, looked fatish.
Pulled the desert tank and checked the clip position, 2nd from the top.
Not too sure what to do now, but it needs maintenance. Rear sprocket is shot, rear shock is probably blown, bottomed the forks and left is leaking...
Packed it up at 9:30 and hung with some friends til about 11:00 then left.

Hope you heal up soon John!
AZ bike week starts Oct 7 thru 11.
My best bud from back home is showing up on the 7th.
I'd like to show him a nice ride, and your area is nice that time of year.
You available?
We'll be on Harleys (wont hold that against you if you're not), and a ride would be cool...
Let me know.
Sight lap , very important , Even on your own property .... I knew the guy's were building the game fence , but I thought they would have better sense than to throw logs into the trail ....... of course in a spot not visible until it was too late .... really busted my ass , collarbone , busted my saftey goggles , really screwing up my face.... road rash both arms , Assholes ,, they got a good ass chewing next morning ..... Did'nt help anything ...... Still dumbasses ... can't fix stupid ..... Always sight lap.. And hire good help ......