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Here are a few things to remember:

Dirt Bike Addicts is a PG13 forum. Plain and simple just keep it PG13
  • Pictures, Videos, & Links my not show any "fun" parts. (remember a lot of users (us included) visit DBA at work and we DO have minors registered here)(nudity/porn will be instantly deleted)
  • Foul Language - Just because there isn't a cuss word filter doesn't mean that you should be cussing in every post. Remember the minors?
  • Questionable Content - We realize that this is the internet, but if you wouldn't be comfortable showing your Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, GF/BF, a 9 year old, heck even your 97 year old grandma, etc. a certain post then don't post it.
Censorship/Moderation: Here at DBA we pride ourselves in being pretty much self moderated. But if needed a mod/admin will step in to resolve an issue. There's a "report post" button in every post (and private message) that can be used if you have an issue with the content in it.

Trolling: (definition) Will not be tolerated, PERIOD. Trolling tends to bring a forums atmosphere down, which is why it won't be tolerated. Ignoring warnings and continuing to troll will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.

Ride Reports: You are free to post any and all ride reports*, you my not however depict property being destroyed or damaged.**
*The Members Only Ride Reports section is visible only to registered members.
**Riding over any dirt/snow/grass is not considered destruction or damage by DBA.

Hijacking/Staying On Topic: Out of respect to the OP (Opening Poster/Thread Starter) please keep the thread on topic, otherwise it creates too much "fluff" to read through. If you have a similar question please create a new thread so that the OP's question isn't ignored/buried. This primarily applies to the Make/Model and other Bike related forums.

Spamming of Goods, Services & Websites: Do NOT use this forum to promote or advertise the products, services, or websites of any business that you're directly or indirectly associated with. (Unless you're a private individual using the Classifieds section to sell your unwanted or unneeded items) If you wish to advertise on Dirt Bike Addicts please Contact Us.

User Account/Posts:
  • You are only allowed ONE user account, if it's discovered that you have multiple accounts they will be deleted or merged without warning.
  • If you wish to change your username, please PM or email us with the details as to why, it'll be at our discretion whether or not to change.
  • Top-level domains aren't allowed in user names. (.com, .net., .org, ect.) Full List Here
  • We do not close/permanently delete user accounts, if you wish to leave the site, the easiest solution is to simply not visit/login any more.
  • If you no longer wish to participate in the forum and decide to leave, we will NOT delete/remove your posts (even if you request it). The only exception is if the post(s) violate the forum rules.
Chat System:
  • Our in forum chat system is for general BS'ing, if you have bike questions/issues you must create a thread in the appropriate section.
  • Any users who troll the chat system will have their chat privileges revoked, and we don't mean just for a day.
  • Any bickering/arguing will not be tolerated.
  • The same PG 13 rating applies the the chat.
User Posted Images:We may at times repost images to our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, however the original author will be credited. If you wish to have your image removed from our Facebook and/or Twitter account, please contact us.

Links: In an effort to recoup some of the expensive server/hosting costs (and having fewer ad placements), we may append an affiliate ID to the end of some outgoing links. The end user's (eg. your) experience is NOT changed in any way, you won't even notice it. For clarification purposes, your actual posts are not modified in anyway.

*As a registered user you agree that any material you publish in the forum is in the public arena and no guarantee of privacy is offered or implied.

By participating in this website/forums you agree to the above terms.

If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us. Click Here
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