The MX Track - How was your day today?

Back-burnered the 125. Probably looking at around $400.00 for the suspension repair.
The KX250F right side engine gasket is definitely the oil leak, (clutch issue was just adjustment), so it's semi-back-burnered.
So I took the 06 YZ250 to the track this past weekend.
Just gotta say, it's the best MX bike I've ever had. I forgot how much fun it is.
(I dont think I've ridden it in a year or better)
This bike does everything perfectly (for me).
It's fast, handles like I like, doesn't leak...and it just runs like it should.

I'm glad I spent a month on the kids 125 prior though, after not riding for 5-6 months.
2020 was the longest/hottest summer ever on record here in AZ.
50 days over 110, previous record was like 31, back in 2011. It was brutal.

The YZ250 didn't seem as fast as I previous thought, (maybe that means I'm getting faster/better?) but still hauls the mail, and keeps me on my toes.

It's nice to get back in the groove again.
It's also nice to have 3 bikes to choose from in case one breaks.
It was mentioned earlier about how switching bikes so often might make it hard to get good on any one of them, but I think it's better than having a broken bike and not being able to ride at all.
Throw in the 6000 miles on the Softail this season and I think seat-time is a good thing.

Looking forward to this weekend.
It's great to have multiple bikes . I keep at least a dozen just for grinzies ... right now , 2 PW 50 , 1 TTR 50 E , 1 JR 50 , JUST SOLD , KLX 110 TODAY , 3 TTR 125 L , CRF 250 R , CR 250 R , REBEL 250 , SHADOW 750 , AND NEWEST TO ME 09 HONDA SILVERWING W/ TRIKE CONVERSION . ... Old lady likes to ride , but does not pilot ....... Of course I ride daily ...
Back at the track today, and it was a great day.
I can definitely feel I'm improving, so heading back tomorrow.
As of today, I can clear every jump at ACP's vet track.
I still cant get the right-hand tight corner before the whoop section, but I came close once.
I'm starting to seriously think about suspension lately, something I've never really had a need to do before.
I must be getting better.
Love the YZ250.
Also - ordered parts for the 125 and the KX.
They'll probably sit in a box until I break the YZ...
After a hard crash last week on the YZ I put on new bars, number plate, throttle cable, and front fender, my scabs are mostly healed, and I'm lining up for my first MX race tomorrow.
Not sure what class I'll be in; maybe 50 beginner since I'm now of age, maybe 250 novice, maybe both.
Looking forward to it.
I raced the 50+ Novice class. It was only 6 riders, and I placed 5th, with a 5 & 5 finish.
I was going to do the 250 beginner class, but they lumped the 30+, 40+, and 50+ all together, and I decided I didn't want to be out there with any crazy 30 year olds. Turns out it was a good choice cuz there were like 30 people on the track at once, and it was a shit-show.

But I'm happy with the result.
I finished both races, and didn't get last.
And I learned a ton. Now I know what I have to improve on, which is everything.

I need to change my practice regimen to at least 5 lap motos. I was extremely tired after 3-4 laps, out of 5.
And I really need to start learning about my suspension.
There were 18 races, and I was #4. So by the time my 2nd moto came (4 hours later) the track was the gnarliest I've ever seen it.
And I'm quite certain that my lack of suspension set-up contributed greatly to wearing me out.
There were acceleration bumps the size of small mountains out there and holding on was difficult at the end. They reminded me of skiing moguls.

Honestly, I didn't hit it as hard as I do in practice. I can clear all the jumps, but I didn't clear one of them during the race. I was just trying to finish and not crash. Especially in the drop-in section where I crashed 2 weeks ago.
I was doing 2 minute lap times, and the expert class was doing 1:40.

I'll post the video when it gets done rendering, you guys can critique it.
Here we go , JMO I think you have more bike than you can handle ..... Need to be more agressive on approach to jumps .. Need to improve on line choice . Sit back and relax , Get more practice with the younger crowd . ... I would like to ride that track with you and my 12 yr. old grandson ...... He would put the shame on both of us...... I need to gear my bike up to his gearing now , cant keep up with him ...... Chin up , takes time .....