The MX Track - How was your day today?

All the starts I practice are in front of the gate. Being behind the gate is way different, having to get over it is my issue there.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Got the oil leak fixed on the KX250F (pinched gasket) so bringing it as well.
That can be a bit intimidating ... only takes a split second to get over it .. then forget about it and concentrate on the funneling into the first turn .. Make yourself a single gate to practice with . Does'nt have to be fancy , but get as close to real as you can. Practice , practice , practice...
Had my best day yet at the track yesterday. I was fast, jumped well, (even over-jumped a couple tables), and cornered well. And, I did 2 twelve lap motos without tiring. Probably did 40 laps total.
I didn't get to practice any starts at the gate.
I did speak with a cool A-class rider and he gave me some suspension tips, and I ended up putting 2 clicks into my fork rebound. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

And I almost took out an 8 year old who changed lines and came down on me at the last minute. I'm surprised neither of us crashed. He did pretty good with me rubbing on his back tire though.

Brought the KX and didn't even take it off the truck. I might sell that thing.
Yea , hard to ride compared to other bikes I've had . Like the YZ 450 F , RM 250 . , But a great bike in other peoples hands . I think it may be the rake , and wheelbase ....