05-23-2010 Fun Run in the Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care for a little single track?!

I had my Vholdr mount on top of my helmet and had it ripped off by branches and dint even know it, luckily the camera was not on it at the time. Im gonna do the side mount next time.

I have caught my camera holder on several branches and it damn near ripped my head off. Ask Brandon about the side mount, he had a bad day with his mounted to the side of the helmet.

Very nice. I had to watch the whole video to see if it was the ride I was on too. Guess I got to quit staring at my front wheel. But then again, it's ALWAYS more fun watching from the back. Except Deadmans, then it's more fun watching from the front! :smirk:

I have more videos of this ride to upload, it just takes a while to get them loaded to the net. :banghead:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzPDHYcR1nw second part of the vid. Thanks witdog for running over my cam:smirk:
Sweet!!!!! I am ready to go back!!
Some good videos lugnut...I might need to get some schooling in the tress with you guys..

The rackster can scoot pretty good through them trees. It is safer to be behind him anyways:smirk:

Hey Lug just stay on the gas and there won't be an issue :P:cry::thumb::moon:

Damn, I need to get my videos of this ride loaded :banghead: