05-23-2010 Fun Run in the Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care for a little single track?!

F*ck riding with this dood, all you ever post are pictures of riders in there worse possible moment, which for me would be the whole ride... :thumbsdown:
Okay, I think I have figured out how to use VIMEO. This is the forst video from this ride. Hope it works:prof:[video=vimeo;12272679]http://www.vimeo.com/12272679[/media]
I had my Vholdr mount on top of my helmet and had it ripped off by branches and dint even know it, luckily the camera was not on it at the time. Im gonna do the side mount next time.
Very nice. I had to watch the whole video to see if it was the ride I was on too. Guess I got to quit staring at my front wheel. But then again, it's ALWAYS more fun watching from the back. Except Deadmans, then it's more fun watching from the front! :smirk: