05-23-2010 Fun Run in the Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care for a little single track?!

I love the trashing about the pile O' green immediately followed by a pic of a steaming pile O' orange...:thumb:

Great RR, looked like fun. Was the mud stagnant or from a recent rain? I've had "challenges" in the past with stagnant mud up in Big Bear...Not a pretty thing. :banghead:
Yes I crashed plenty! I was just fortunate not to have any pics taken. :smirk: Wait, my kid had a camera and a helmet cam :thinking: better download his photos and delete anything that shows me crashed out!
Good Ride report and pics. Looks like someone needs to ride ahead and take some shots of you.:smirk:
If you are referring to me being crashed out in the dirt nap thread you are mistaken! I am the one that took the pics of various guys sleeping! :prof:

Sounds like suspicious behavior, and I caution anyone to think twice before camping with Krack :prof:
Nice ride report! Those trails look awesome.
I'm gonna take some pics behind the house this weekend.

Witt, why oh why are you still wearing that gay helmet? :banghead: :lol:

.......... bahhh :thumb: