05-23-2010 Fun Run in the Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care for a little single track?!

On this ride we had KTMRack & son, Onelugnut & son, witdogg, branktm, mooney78856 (?). chopnwood cancelled at the last minute something about morning sickness :smirk:

We met at my place at 7:30AM and headed to the staging area. The place was packed with quad riders so I know most of you would have fit in :thumb::smirk: There must have been 150 trucks there with their quads.:smirk:

We started out with a little single track and this mudd bog was my first chance at some photos

onelugnut wading through the muck

witdoggs turn. He got a little stuck and slung mudd all over the place :lol: mainly all over himself :lol:

branktm and onelugnut#2 stuck in the mudd. branktm proceeded to ROOST onelugnut#2 :P

Here comes my son throwing more mudd!!:ride:

After everyone had their mudd baths it was off to some rocks, ruts, and roots! :banana:

mooney led and cleared the section, I followed then witdogg. Time for some photos :smirk: Here is wit jsut before he hit the rock step up.

And here he is right after he stalled it

branktm is in the background having trouble clearing the root

stand by more to follow
lugnuts son cleared the rock but lost it at the root

witdogg, mooney, and my son at the top of a climb we are waiting for everyone to gather

Onelug and his son

The "where is waldo" theme seems to be a good line for this pic. (Thanks for the line Rock Monster!:thumb:)



My son

And there they go by me :wave:

woops what happened here? Is that my boy taking a little dirt nap :smirk:

stand by more to follow
Great ride was had by all, plenty of ribing and good natured fun for those who "strayed" from the path. Even for those who didn't! Must do again soon.
Here is a little rutted out down hill. we had to limbo under a fallen tree maybe someone else took some pics of it.


Nasty ruts :banghead:


onelugnut & son

here is my son

mooney runnin sweeper!! :banana:

stand by more to follow
Some of you are probably wondering where the dirt naps are! Well it won't be long we have a few good ones!

Everyone topping out at the trail head.

Somewhere down the trail :ride:

We headed back to the trucks to fix a rear flat on lugnut #2's bike :foul:

Don't just stand there it's your bike!!!!!!!!!!!

After repairing the tire and a bite to eat the cloud cover came in and it started to drizzle. So we headed out to hit 2 more trails and then call it a day. I bet a few of them wish they never left the trucks! :smirk: :lol:

Stand by more to follow
With the tire repaired we headed for a trail called MMTB and then crossed over to Dead Man :smirk:

There goes my son


witdogg missed the turn and had to go up and turn around


Congo line

My boy waiting at a fork in the trail

Let the dirt naps begin :banana:

lugnut #2 didn't quite make the hill

So branktm gave it a go while lugnut #2 takes a breather at the bottom of the hill

stand by more to follow
You know I get a lot of grief about STEAMING PILES OF ORANGE well what the hell do you call this :noidea: :excuseme:

I call it witdogg and his STEAMING PILE OF GREEN!!! :banana: :banana:


That picture deserves a post all to itself!!!:P:P
Well branktm and lugnut #2 still having trouble :smirk:

Hold on lugnut #2!!!! Hold on

Nope didn't quite make it


lugnut #2 hang on!!!!

damn he didn't quite make it :smirk:

I need to download the pics off of my sons camera to see what he shot!! :banana:

We have some videos too!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride I had a great time and look forward to the next ride!