1. Y

    What dirt bike to get.

    Hello, I am new to dirtbikes and would like to get into riding. I am 14 years old, 5,9 and 140lbs. I would like to stick with Yamaha unless you guys tell me different. I would like to not spend more than $2k and that’s why I’m stuck. I found a ttr 125 and 225 for $1,800 each. Would either one of...
  2. J

    2017 yz450f case

    I’m looking for a new left side case for my 2017 yz450f case. Anybody got one they can sell me?
  3. C

    Why is my 2007 TTR 125 L pouring fuel out of the air filter

    Everything was working great on the bike it was running well and stuff so I decided to clean the carburetor because it was good for it and I took it apart clean the Jets and everything and I put it back on and now it won't start and it pours fuel out of the air filter please help me
  4. J

    2007 yz250f fuel injection

    Over the course of my ownership of a yz250f I’ve struggled quite a bit with my carburetor. I’ve thought a lot about converting it to fuel injection but need to hear from others that know more than me about it. I know that efi requires power which means I would have to attach a stator or...
  5. TheChasers

    Popping on decel cause???

    2008 Yz450f. Can someone check out video linked and let me know whats the possibilities for the popping on decel? I have 48 pilot jet and 160 main. At 2700-3000 elevation... Rebuilt top and bottom end, about 2 hours on it. Rebuilt carb, jets are brand new. I have tried turning down idle and...
  6. G

    250 1992 Yamaha wr250 spark arrestor, help needed

    Hey guys, I’m new to this but I am in need of help to find a part that I am unable to find elsewhere. It’s a 1992 Yamaha wr250 compatible spark arrestor of any brand. Where I live, a spark arrestor is needed for the trails to prevent forest fires. It would be appreciated to have some help...
  7. Andy89

    250F Clutch drag

    Hi all, New to the forum I have a 2015 yz250f which has bad clutch drag When I'm riding it shift gears fine just in 1st on a stand still is really bad The clutch is pretty new maybe a couple of hours old. Any home remedies on fixing this issue? Cheers Andy
  8. TheChasers

    450F Is my oil pump bad? Yz450F

    Its a short video, not spam or anything weird. Someone please check out and let me know. As I stated in video, with oil pump in my hand, it turns smoothly, no issues. Once I tighten to 2 bolts down, it begins to show some resistances, even without/before I put that other gear on that interlocks...
  9. TheChasers

    Valve work, shop needed?

    If I plan to lap valves myself(stainless steel vavles) is it required to still take my head into a machine shop to get vavle job? Is vavle job just them re-cutting the seat for new valves and installing them? Plan was to get head resurfaced(if its needed) and lap the vavles myself, since it...
  10. TheChasers

    Name of these bearings? YZ450F

    2008 Yz450F Doing a complete rebuild. I have everything on its way besides these bearings. I have checked manual but it just refers to them as "bearing". Havent found any information breaking down name of each bearing. I know the big middle one is main bearing(crankshaft), which came with my...
  11. KawaKX100

    Transmission Oil Recommendation for KX100

    It's finally time to do perform an oil change on the KX100. I'm not sure what brand to use. I know that it has to have a viscosity of 10W-40. Any suggestions of what to use? I hear Lucas oil is good but what do you guys recommend?
  12. S

    2015 yz250 forks into 2011 yz125?

    I bought my self a 2011 YZ 125 but the front forks needed re-chroming, I cant afford to re-chrome them so I bought a set of 2nd hand forks off a 2015 YZ 250. I was under the impression that they would slide straight in and all would be good but it seems not. I put the forks from the 250 into the...
  13. S

    Should a Yamaha xt125x have oil in the stator\flywheel cover (left hand side)?

    Everytime I start my XT125X it revs into space and I have checked for air leaks and replaced the boot that goes from the carb to the engine. I went to go check for an air leak on the left crank seal and there was a pool of oil in the stator cover, is that normal or it it the seal allowing oil...
  14. H

    450F Resetting lean sensor???

    Hey there!!! Does anyone know if you can reset the lean sensor for 2011-yamaha-yz450f , and if so, how to do it?? Thanks for the assist!
  15. Nharvey

    125 Could this have caused damage?

    Hello, My dad was drunk and was reving my engine and holding the throttle on full blast for about 2 hours yesterday and wouldn’t leave my bike alone no matter what I pleaded to him and now I’m wondering if he’s messed it up or if it’s just coincidence that it’s having problems starting today...
  16. R

    250F Noise In Motor

    Question for y’all, my boys YZ250F has a noise in the motor. First when I bought it it ran fine however over time (Last year) the compression dropped off and at the end of last year developed a noise. So first thing I did was look at and replaces the valve shims to the proper size. Compression...
  17. T

    CRF450r or YZ450F

    So I'm currently shopping for new dirt bike; but I'm at a stand still on which model I want.. Here's the scenario ; I don't track ride, never actually but am considering...but for now I just trail ride with my boys...we live around a bunch of dirt roads and tons of land so we do pulls here and...
  18. M

    First bike suggestions?

    im 27 5’10 220lbs. Looking for a bike to ride and was wondering what y’all thought I should get for a first bike.
  19. B

    Help with choosing new 250cc bike

    So i need help with choosing my next bike. I have been riding for only a year and a half, so i'm new to this stuff. I have been riding a 2007 KTM 85SX and i am planing on getting a 250 bike because this one is too small for me now and i don't want to go for the 125. I'm 15 yrs old, would say i...
  20. DirtMonkey1981

    125 Yamaha Kickstand

    I'm looking for a kickstand for my 79 Yamaha 125. I found some on ebay but I'm hoping to save a few bucks by getting a used one on here. Anyone parting out their bike? I'll need the hardware for it too. Thanks!