Yz or CRF

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391CBB0F-D3AA-446D-947E-7A0D8CD7C981.jpeg So I'm currently shopping for new dirt bike; but I'm at a stand still on which model I want.. Here's the scenario ; I don't track ride, never actually but am considering...but for now I just trail ride with my boys...we live around a bunch of dirt roads and tons of land so we do pulls here and their just to have little race fun (nothing serious)now before you guys start recommending trail models.. I've already consider those but I'm more of a race bike type of guy. Not looking for brand new 17,18,19 or even 20 models..(as the 15 were honestly my favorites) Now the reason I've come down to these two models is because I like the reviews the Yamaha has had over the years as they continue to finish top 3 in the MX shoutouts... And I've been team Yamaha my whole life... With the Honda I honestly just the way it looks (dual exhaust, fav color is red, I like the grunt meaty sound it carries etc) & another thing so do I honestly even need a 450? Or will a 250 do the job? I do have experience in riding all models EXCEPT a 450 so that might help in advice given.....anyways ANY AND ALL ADVICE WELCOME!!!!


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450 or no 50.
Yamaha is where I feel most at home behind the bars.
To each his own, but I'd laugh if you got a 250 for fooling around on.
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I have YZ 450 F 08 HARD TO BEAT ... Solid , dependable , parts a plenty , if ever needed ... i have all kinds , japanese , Honda , Suzuki , Kawasaki , Yamaha , all good bikes ....
250f pros- less expensive = newer model
Lighter weight (fooling around) 40+hp less prone to overheat on trails more beginner friendly, margin for error is a bit greater.
I whisky throttle on occasion and im VERY glad I was not riding a 450.

450f pros- 53+hp
Cons- ~15-20lbs heavier more prone to overheat on trails more expensive = older model
Unless you are expert level the power of a 450 is unused power. Like shooting skeet with a cannon.
A 250f can do everything a 450 can do.. except maybe out drag race a 450. If going straight, and fast, is your thing by all means go big. If having fun on a bike that doesn’t try to jump out from under you when you least expect it, get a 250f.

I outride 450 pilots all the time. Bike<Rider

Oh you never said how much you weigh?
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I feel more , at home on the YZ 450 F . Not as twitchy as the KX 250 F .. different gears , just more comfortable . I'm just 5' 5" 160 # but the YZ is easier to control ,
Ok well I’ve given my opinion, if you are set on a 450 don’t base it on shootouts
From MXA
“Make no mistake about it; we aren’t looking at these bikes for their play riding, enduro, offroad or professional practice riding prowess. To us, these are purebred race bikes, and that’s how we tested and rated them.”

I’d say Honda has less power and weight so if that’s your bag get the Honda.
Yamaha has more power and lower maint valve train, so if your not a wrencher go yamaha. But if you’re a fan of the “shootout” you know all of this already.
I've got one word for you: Yamaha.

Better bike all the way around.

Honda has great trail bikes IMO, once you get into the "race ready" bikes they drop the maintenance free game and make a great bike, but a maintenance nightmare.
I've had both and the YZ you can make into a great all around bike without much work. Honda's are pure MX bikes and will dance around on you outside the mx track. Yamaha's are more stable.