1. TheChasers

    Popping on decel cause???

    2008 Yz450f. Can someone check out video linked and let me know whats the possibilities for the popping on decel? I have 48 pilot jet and 160 main. At 2700-3000 elevation... Rebuilt top and bottom end, about 2 hours on it. Rebuilt carb, jets are brand new. I have tried turning down idle and...
  2. TheChasers

    Name of these bearings? YZ450F

    2008 Yz450F Doing a complete rebuild. I have everything on its way besides these bearings. I have checked manual but it just refers to them as "bearing". Havent found any information breaking down name of each bearing. I know the big middle one is main bearing(crankshaft), which came with my...
  3. subserver

    450F YZ450F 2005 roll starts but won’t kick start

    Hi everyone! I am new here so apologies if I have not formatted this correctly. I have a YZ450f 2005 model that my friend blew the head on valve bouncing. It was pretty ugly inside to say the least I have rebuilt it (new piston, barrel, and entire head), but sadly I can’t get the thing to...
  4. H

    450F Resetting lean sensor???

    Hey there!!! Does anyone know if you can reset the lean sensor for 2011-yamaha-yz450f , and if so, how to do it?? Thanks for the assist!
  5. T

    CRF450r or YZ450F

    So I'm currently shopping for new dirt bike; but I'm at a stand still on which model I want.. Here's the scenario ; I don't track ride, never actually but am considering...but for now I just trail ride with my boys...we live around a bunch of dirt roads and tons of land so we do pulls here and...
  6. D

    Need an opinion on which bike

    Ok well I want to get a supermoto that I could just ride around possibly go to the track and have fun. I was thinking about getting a yz450f and converting it to a supermoto with a battery but in tn you must have a electric start. Could I put 1 on it or should I try and find a new bike ??????