I bought my self a 2011 YZ 125 but the front forks needed re-chroming, I cant afford to re-chrome them so I bought a set of 2nd hand forks off a 2015 YZ 250. I was under the impression that they would slide straight in and all would be good but it seems not. I put the forks from the 250 into the 125 but the lugs appear to be different and the axle that was in the 125 doesn't fit the forks from the 250 - its to short. The 125 has Talon hubs which I'm not sue if they make a difference or not. I know the lugs on the 250 are stock but not so certain about the 125 lugs being stock. I'm also under the impression that the triple clamps on my 125 are off a different bike possibly because I've had problems with things fitting. I was wondering if this is an easy fix like just getting a longer axle i.e. 2015 yz250 stock axle or something harder like swapping the lugs around?


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Mods like this will certainly require some custom fitting. Usually I use the entire front setup from another bike so axles, brakes, and forks all match.
Good luck, if you come back with measurements, some others may be able to chime in with other compatabilities.
-BIG DAN:thumb: