2007 yz250f fuel injection

Over the course of my ownership of a yz250f I’ve struggled quite a bit with my carburetor. I’ve thought a lot about converting it to fuel injection but need to hear from others that know more than me about it. I know that efi requires power which means I would have to attach a stator or alternator to my bike right? Which from my knowledge would not be easy. But even with an alternator would I need a battery aswell? Just looking for more information on the topic there isn’t a lot online (probably for a good reason).


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Yep, there is no easy way to do it.
You'll need a battery/charging system, injector, fuel pump, o2 sensor, throttle body position sensor, power commander, crank position sensor, fuel rail, and tons of connectors/fasteners.
At best, you'll have an 80's style throttle body injection and have to create a custom map yourself for the power commander.
If you're an engineer, this would be a fun project and not beyond possible, but will it be as good as a carbureted model? Doubtful.

Look into a EFI bike if you're interested. -BIG DAN:thumb:
As Dan said, by the time you put together all of the components and engineer it to work, you will have spent more money than if you just bought a bike already setup with FI from the factory. If you set a carb up correctly, run a good non-ethanol fuel, and don't have any major elevation changes where you ride, you shouldn't have any issues with a carbureted bike.