What did you do to your car/truck today?

Way to go , prove them wrong ...... reminds me of the time they said my 79 Luv truck would'nt pull a 2000 gal . Water truck .... pulled it 6 mi. To the repair yard........
I don't blame them, I mean, its 10k+ of dead weight with its bucket and little plow thing in the down position (full drag) amazing what a snatch block and the correct angle for the winch will do
There's just no substitute for a mechanical practical mind set! Some people just can't fathom angles and applied torque / tension on the right spot! Well done for tackling and overcoming the problem and the doubters
Jeez who can’t drive a standard? That is embarrassing. Sounds like fodder for a good nickname if he doesn’t have one already. I’d call him “stick” for all eternity even if he learned how.
Put new weatherstrip for the side windows new master cylinder, front brake drums, shoes/springs. Screeches to a halt. 1000mi so far and it runs like a top. I’d drive this bitch to California. ..if it weren’t so friggn hot. Next is AC

Hasn’t told me to put on my seat belt once and sometimes I don’t. Fkn lap belt anyway. You know me Mr. SAFETY!
Go suck a pony dick ass hole!!
Ive gotten pretty close to this pony’s ass but I haven’t seen the dick yet.. must be up front somewhere. Found the balls though, which I’m sure your Japanese crap you drive doesn’t have those mine are connected to the GAS PEDAL Beeoch!