What did you do to your car/truck today?

I didn't touch my car today :cry: but played hobby shop today. Put a slave cylinder on my brothers BMW (WHAT A RUST BUCKET) and my other brother put new rotors and pads on his camaro :rocker: My brotha brothas dad also replaced some bushings on the front end of his danger ranger. ALSO A RUST BUCKET, thank jesus for torches. Oh and we finished the golf cart today, then quickly decided on some more stuff we wanted to do to it :lol:


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Installed my newly received license plates to my girl's new car.
Changed the oil over to synthetic now that it has 5K miles. :thumb:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Friday

I Serviced the transmission on my truck, put the drive shaft back in, Added some "trans-x" ... Took it off the blocks.. Drove it around, And to get some parts for my 02 effie..

Put spark plugs and cleaned throttlbe body and IAC valve on the 02.. changed oil and oil filter. And ordered a new set of plugs wires...

Saturday me and pappa drove the 08 to get some spark plug wires that i had ordered for the 02.. And i slapped them on the 02. And drove the 08 with my boat to the river (transmission is still being homoriffic)