What did you do to your bike today?

Illegals know how to make and use ladders . And dig tunnels , and , and , just like thieves , can't stop them , shoot them , You go to jail ..... Whatdoyoudo ???
Happy days! Congrats be in advance :cheers:, I have 5 kids no grandkids yet
But my eldest is 25 so there's hope yet, next is 11, 9, 6, and 4 so got some miles to go! :thumb:
well pulling out worked for 14yrs. That or red was trying to hit the uterus through her tonsils:noidea:
A herd of wild stallions couldn't make me pull out at that moment :smirk:
One was enough in those early days and birth control was a must but Shelly went to uni and became a HS English teacher and in her first year teaching fell pregnant with Luca then decided to go for it again and again and again! :ride::ride::ride::smirk:
Found a good one , 1 owner , 05 ttr 125e , just like new , all original parts , parked in same spot , garage , for that long .. guy hurt his back , could'nt ride . . Finally let it go . No gas in tank , carb was pretty gummy , but cleaned up nice . New air filter , fuel petcock , off we go ...

Ran over a screw and had to plug a tire with plenty of life left. New one on the way. Last dirt ride somehow spun the valve stems on BOTH dirt bikes. So it’s tire day. What luck