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It is always a toss up on what it is worth (loading your own) . if you dont need any kind of specialty ammo such as the newer bullets that keep coming out, and you have good availibility then reloading probably isnt for you. if you shoot bullseye types of competition and want to beat the people that are winning, you will soon be loading or finding someone who does. some of the magnums are up to about 3 dollars a shot now. the ultra magnums twice that depending one what you want. actually ammo for us in the stores is as cheap for the offshore stuff and you can buy anywhere I have looked stateside. Just depends on how much TV time you want to give up for some.
Availability is still poor for reloading components. Ammo is starting to come back, reloading is lagging. I think that everything is going into production on ammo and it might not get better until the whole country wide ammo buying spree ends.

It's one reason I've been putting off getting a press/dies/etc.
The hardware you are talking about is pretty much priced as it always was. Right now some of the powder I like is kind of sketchy to buy. RL22 is hard to find. I have seven lbs. Some of the pistol powders are too. You can get it shipped easier than I can though. Bullets are easy and primers are if you look ahead a little. I was able to buy them in the 1000 count boxes recently. The stuff keeps really well. I suppose some things are harder than others, but right now the hardest thing to find in the discount packs are 45 acp, 223, and 22 lr. we load the centerfire so we have all we can use. I hate to be one of the horders, but I guess to an extent I have become one. Cl what would you be loading for?

Right now my 7mm rem mag is easy to get things for, the 358 is never easy, the 338 very easy, 7mm 08 really easy and the 243 is easy to find anything but the powder I prefer (rl 19). 7828 in the conventional cut is easy, 4350 likewise. 4831 in hogdon or imr is easily obtained here and it does well on a variety.
At first just the non semi autos I have of 300 Savage, 7mm rem mag, and 44 mag. Seems like it might be a little tedious to load semi auto stuff on a single stage.

I may have a bit of an extreme test of the longevity of reloading components. The 300 Savage is from my father. I have a box of stuff that came with it including a Lyman 310 hand presss with powder, primers, etc. I'm pretty sure that it was purchased in the mid to late 50's. It was well stored and all looks perfect, but I am a little leery of it. I don't think that rifle was fired since my folks moved from Fairbanks to California in 61.

Ammo started reappearing at my local Walmart a few months ago. It's more than half full now. Still only a little 9mm, but plenty of 45, 223, 270, 308, 30-06, etc. Still no 22lr, but it is a good sign that the ammo shortage might be easing.
I got to fairbanks about 13 years after they left. The Lyman is a good press. Use it for anything you want to build for accuracy. I use nothing but a single stage press for paper type of shooting and hunting. The primers if they stayed dry and not too hot will work fine. I have powder from a surplus buy that worked just fine, and it was K war vintage. Are any of the powders stuff you would use with the 300? (model 99?)
Did you see the news about some kid got suspended for whirring a NRA shirt that said something about the second amendment? I'm telling you we have got to do something about this government taking our rights away!
Yeah. I think he would put the original on the desk in the Oval Office. Then put his feet on it. A very "evil" document written by a bunch of old white guys.
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I am similar in my feelings about a pistol grip on a long gun. I. Any work a slide well with it. I prefer a pump for a defensive long gun. I can leave the chamber empty until I need it. It loads fast. I use a pump shotgun with slugs or my 308 model 76 when I ferry meat out. No strap on them as I carry it in front of me. Good hunting for me means good hunting for large predators too.

You won't find many people breaking into homes who haven't heard a slide on one of the police action guns. Fewer yet will continue their advance. There is the story about the "goblin" who dove out a window when he heard one slide in front of him and another behind him a millisecond later.
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