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my son uses a Lee progressive type to load our practice ammo in 45acp. works pretty well. he shoots a few steel challenge matches here and there. I have once. for those we usually shoot factory ammo. he runs throug 2000-4000 a month since we have a range on the property. I could suggest that loader, once it is set up and you have it tuned.

Good thought on the Ukraine needing their own ammo. Something for us to rememeber too.
Thanks for the info. Never heard of the kinetic Bullett puller. But I am not real familiar with the reload world either. Just googled the puller $15-$20 not too bad. Thanks!

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It is handy to have a round even if you don't reload. Most hunters and casual shooters find themselves with a damaged round that they want to dispose of eventually.
Unless you go thru a lot of rounds like ossagp does in Alaska, is it reeally cheaper to load yoar own? I can understand tying your own flies because the result of catching a fish on something you made is a thrill.

Just curious...