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Why is it that 22 rounds that used to be $1.25 a box are now like $20 and are NEVER in stock?
Should I just start buying rounds for my SKS and 9mm now because I cant get 22lr? wtf?

Edit: Just checked online and it seems the world is out of its fucking mind!!!!! :bonk:
used to buy 50rnds of 9mm (post911) for $7-10 a box is now averaging $27 and 7.62 are $150 a bucket :shocked:

It would be cheaper if I started racing motocross and gave up shooting...
Not a problem for 22lr in AZ. But they at 50.00 bucks a brick.


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A couple years ago the 5.56 ammo was on sale for $4 per 20 rd box ($6 regular price). After the school shooting it jumped to $18 per 20 rd box. I was in there a couple months ago and it'd dropped do to $12.
How many of you here own a Mosin Nagant either a 91/30 or a M44? Wicked rifle. The M44 is so much fun to shoot. I have two 91/30's a M44 and my son owns a M39. These rifles fire a 7.62x54R round. They are what is called the Russian 30.06 even though it was made long before the 30.06 was invented in 1906. Hence the name .30 caliber 1906 30.06. The 91/30 fires the round down range much faster than the M44 do to the barrowl being 28 inches long. Where the M44 is only 20 inches. But man does the M44 kick and the percution from the round being fired is such a blast. FMJ rounds verry in weights from 147 to 177. The soft pionts also verry in weights from 180 to 203 grain. Wow you have got to fire the 203gr soft piont rounds. Through this rifle.
The barrowl on mine is real weak. So its time for a new one. My son gets mad at me for even mentioning sporterizing my M44. I can understand his arguement. He is a history nut. I love shooting it but the bad bore and the fixxed bayonet tends to not be verry accorrate. What other rifle can you buy less than 300 bucks and 440 FMJ rounds for less than 150 bucks? Not a one. Know my 91/30 on the other hand well, it isn't as fun to shoot but, it is more accorrate. My sons M39 is a rifle that is verry accorrate and almost as fun to shoot. Just for the simple fact of where you aim it thats where the bullet hits.