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Which do you prefer?

My build, times 100. :lol:
I feel so pampered with my AR vs the Bushmaster. My build is smooth, less recoil, and far more ergonomic.

The quality of the Bushmaster is decent. No where near the quality of the parts of my gun. BCM is outstanding...some people even compare them and label them Top Tier with names like Noveske, Daniel Defense, LaRue, Colt, etc.

I still need to need to put optics on mine, but my motorcycle and my girlfriend is taking all my funds now. :smirk:
We did buy a cheap red-dot Sightmark clone of an EoTech and put it on the Bushmaster and it's pretty neat. My dad is not a very good shot, yet he can hit steel through the optic, and I couldn't. I can hit with my AR with irons at the same distance at 99% hit rate, but I couldn't hit it through the optic on the Bushmaster. Either the dot is not sighted in and maybe my dad is pulling which compensates for the dot being off...or I just suck with red dots. Weird. :noidea:


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Finally stopped in at the local gun & range to check on ammo prices......:faint:

A couple years ago I bought a couple cases at $4 something per 20 rounds, it's now at $17.99 per 20 rounds. :jawdrop: