The Football Field 2-22-2011

Another compilation of pics from our recent outing.

Day 1 - Family ride to Randsburg

Mrs. Captian Pumkin

At this point we had to turn back and take a different trail. It got too narrow and steep for Mrs Pumpkin and her quad.

Riding beside yama_dawgg taking some pics as we are running sweep.

Parked in Randsburg Wednesday. The place was empty.

Here is a pic of The Football Field on Wednesday afternoon. We were expecting several more by the weekend as it was Wilson's Motorcycles Annual Customer Appreciation Weekend Ride.

Captian Pumpkin sweeping


We decided to head back to the trail we had to turn back on when we had the quad with us to check it out :banana:

Yama_dawg & Catian Pumpkin

Here is where we are headed

Here come the guys

Here is where we are headed

Headed back to camp. On top of Sand Hill near Prospectors. NOT A SOLE IN SIGHT

GMAN and me out in the Sand Hills all to ourself :banana:

Took a little spin by myself :devil:

Got back to camp and went out with Captian Pumpkin, Gary & John from Wilson's. We headed to "The Geek Slide"

Hey Captian Pumpkin, this is where you need to post your video :lol::lol:. Captian Pumpkin recorded some choice langauge when he rolled up to "The Geek Slide" :lol:

He chose to walk it :picard:

Come on CP post that video :P
More pics from that days loop with CP & Gary

John on the new Husaberg 450 FE

The Wilson's box van with all of the goodies...

Friday morning CDA & Bota showed up with CDA modded out TTR :rocker: Can you believe it, he actualy took it "OFF THE STAND"

Didn't have time for many pics as we were testing the reliabilty of the modified TTR AND it took me forever to catch up in SECOND GEAR

When we got back to camp. A friend said a few guys were stranded with a broken KABOOM 2t. So Bota took the truck and CDA and I hit the pavement :devil:

He tells me his TTR hit triple digits on Hiway 395 :thinking: :noidea:

Once we located the broken bike we learn that SOMEONE has locked the keys in CDA's truck :picard: So CDA rings up Onstar and saves a broken window :thumb:

Next up a group outing of 12. Where should I take them :thinking:

:prof: I know, follow me :smirk::devil:

CP and CP Jr

GMAN and yama_dawgg

CDA & Bota

Self Portrait :D


Misc trail shots

What is that behind Bota :noidea: It's THE GEEK SLIDE :lol::lol::smirk:

Everyone did great. CDA has a bunch of pics of this and of those that WALKED and those that rode it.


More pics from Saturday. As the sun came up the ground froze.

Mrs Rack

By noon, all of the snow on everything but the north facing hills had melted off.

Great pics! Man I am going nuts not getting any riding in up here as everything looks like your last pic above 3000f. ( Where all the riding is )

P.S. I am now calling it the GEEKRACKSLIDE, as I have now seen as many pics of Rack walking down it as I have WeatherGeek. :lol: :moon: :lol:
Come on guys grow a pair. You watch the kiddies do it, you watch other old men do it, you've seen people come up it, jump it, wheelie down it. Have you ever seen anyone crash on it? You can do it!!!!!