Injury Pics

Most have already seen this but , this was March of 09
Inside C5-C6-C7 Fuzed and Plated

Outside Scar and lower scar(horizontal , where they took the bone graft for the fusion)
Last season, got squirlly in the mud on take off for a 40' double, don't remember much after that, lol. I think I caught my arm on the clutch perch or left foot peg. Fractured my heel in the same crash as well.

KX888AF Did you do all of those in one ride ??

haha, no..............ankle, I broke in 2 spots after hopping off the tailgate of my track while loading my bike after riding.
ass....that just happened in January while crashing out(while leading) at t local indoor AX track.
Bicip...last September, after my steed bucked me...momentum had me rolling down a hill, I was about to roll of the edge of a ravine, I needed to stop like now, so I grabbed for a tree

and the hand....that is after carpul tunnell release
Broken Ankle without crashing! Got off course on a BC downhill and had to ride 8 miles back to the truck with this bad boy. Then drove the 5 speed manual Tacoma through San Fransquito Canyon! Fun Times! Oh Yea it was my left ankle, can you say short shift....
Years of abuse starting with a get off 1 mile from the finish line of B to V 89. Then I decided to break it while mountain bike riding a few years ago, so last year I finally got it fixed....Oh yeah while you're in there, can you shave the lump down so my wife can rest her head on my shoulder without being stabbed?

Before: That string thing is not suppose to be floating around.

During: Good thing my doctor was a boy scout. He can tie a good knot.

After: That nice scar in the middle hurt the worst. Did a little collar bone shaving.
CDA, What was your recovery time with the shoulder?

3 months with physical therapy twice a week. Therapy is the key to get it loose and strong. My doctor had me hanging my arm down a couple hours after surgery and allowing it to rotate around to stay loose. 20 years of a messed up shoulder, I never knew it was suppose to feel that good when done.