Injury Pics

Bee sting

Damn that is what happens to me if I get stung.
yes i think tea leaqves help because of the tannins, use a black tea

honey has enzymes that neutralize the venom. i dont know how it will work on an old sting, but ive just used it on fresh stings, the paIN IS gone in a few minutes, and the swelling is curbed and gone in a few hours--on me, everyone's body chem is different of course, but it works for my fam this way too

we can buy local raw honey in the bulk section of our grocery store, winco, or im sure a health food store would have it.

also raw honey is good to do thhis forever, ive used 20 year old honey and it worked. if the honey is pateurized/processed/cooked it affects some of the good magic stuff in it

i spread a teaspoon of honey on a folded paper towel then put on the sting area to cover--less mesy that way