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No, Miley my comment was geared contextually towards the cold vs hot discussion. While we do get occasional snow in Tayhas, here Ive never had to crawl out a window with a shovel to uncover my storm door enough to open it. I lived in shithole Detroit for several years before moving to shithole Dallas
From one extreme to the other. Stopped in Kansas for a few years in the way down, Flat ass Kansas has the worst of both hot and cold. The only idiots who stay in Kansas ran out of money passing through.
Robert Francis (Beto) O'Rourke - His real name is Robert Francis, not Beto. Beto is a nickname his sorority, er, I mean, fraternity gave him in college. He uses Beto to dupe Hispanic voters into thinking he has a drop of Hispanic blood in his veins when he's about as pure Irish as anyone can be. I refuse to call him Beto and make sure everyone I meet is educated about his real name as well as his attempted deception.

As for brandon - you obviously have been living under a rock - it's a nickname for biden; as in "Let's go Brandon" which is what he thought a crowd was chanting to him when they were actually screaming "F-you biden".
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Got you on beto , I don't live under a rock .. I don't disrespect elders , No matter what I think ... I'll take our elected president any day over the conceided ex. 707310197_MetaltheClown.jpg.4b2d77f127d3f6646f351cd66ee94e63.jpg