Hello Texas

Nothing better than seeing 6 " of snow on , and inside your race car , In deep South Texas , Yes I do have pictures .. Has snowed here only twice in the 50 yrs. I've been here .. Last year rode in the snow taking bikes out for display at the dealership ...
In the 20 years I've lived in the Phoenix area I've seen it snow twice. But it never sticks around, and certainly never accumulates.
Over here everybody gets stupid , taking pictures , trying to make snowmen , now thats entertainment , lots of wrecks , xpressway shut down , for that very reason , real dumasses , .........
I liked the cold , untill I moved to Texas , now I have to go outside to escape the A/C . Maybe I'm just weird . ......Can't go ice fishing , can't ride on frozen lakes , no way I could ski or skate , too many broken bones in the feet and legs , THAT's it ,,, The Pain , now I remember .....

The long winters keeps most of the commie faggots away from me.
Texas snowman
The long winters keeps most of the commie faggots away from me.
How fucking lucky are you! Jesus they're everywhere these days. All taught to think like that in college. Screw higher indoctrination! I'd rather WORK for a living and come home with a sore back than make what these assholes make and think like they do. We need to return to a constitutional republic, like the founding fathers installed. I've had enough of the political correctness, and this commie faggot transgender push that they been doing. It's gone beyond what right and normal is.

Sorry, rant over...for now.
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