Hello Texas

You can ride when it’s 103° but I’m out. I love riding, but I also love not having a fkn stroke while I’m doing it. I got maybe 10 weeks then it’s teardown time.

"If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell..."
-Civil War Union Gen Sheridan
At least I don't freeze my ass off , I know how it is ,, Born in Michigan....
Hey Bernard, I live in Scotland and for chunks of the year it's cold, not quite AK cold but nonetheless it's Baltic,
I LOVE IT but hate the heat because in the cold you can either wrap up to the point of being warm or find better ways of generating your own heat :devil: :ride::ride::ride:
What I hate is heat that you cannot escape without air con:tumbleweed::tumbleweed::tumbleweed::panic: And even talking about riding in 110 degree heat :crash:thats just a wee bit :bonk: As quoted from much earlier I'd rather live in hell :cool:
Quick edit, in my experience the icier it gets the more smiles per mile :thumb:
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I liked the cold , untill I moved to Texas , now I have to go outside to escape the A/C . Maybe I'm just weird . ......Can't go ice fishing , can't ride on frozen lakes , no way I could ski or skate , too many broken bones in the feet and legs , THAT's it ,,, The Pain , now I remember .....