Dirt Naps and Soil Samples!

DIRT BIKE BALLET!:D I hit it in 2nd with a short runway to get started. It was fun watching everyone try to make it. A couple of people did it in one shot the rest of us struggled. I almost had it till I hit a bump and started to go up in the air. I have never gone up in the air like that on a hillclimb:lol:









Not sure why I woke up today and posted these and they turned out big. Weird!!
Yep I did almost have it. Close enough to the top I only had to walk a few feet, whew! A nice friend loaned me the bike. Thank god I only put some scratches on it:busted: And thank god for soft sand:thumb:
We staged out of Jawbone. At one point when we stopped I was told we were in the Scodie Mts.. I have never been that far a back into those Mts. It was a super, great ride! :banana: Some fast trails with few whoops at times. I loved it. I fell 3 times that day. Twice earlier in some deep sand. One of the falls (not a crash) I did a face plant on a downhill and I was stuck for a few seconds with my face in a bush in the sky diver position and couldnt turn my body around:lol:
Thanks Trav. It's fun to have pics like this to look back on. I dont have many good pics of me riding or crashing. That:rant: hill looks so damn little. I should dig up a video.