Dirt Naps and Soil Samples!

But of course its at the end:devil:

And the ride home. If you look you right at the beginning of this video you can see that the bars are crooked. It made for an interesting ride home. Not a big deal just loosend the bar clamps and they are as good as new.

Nice place you have to ride there. That dirt nap was very sudden. :thumb:

Thanks 530. Its damn near right out my back door. And yes it was quite sudden. Most of the time you know when your gonna go down. I was just puttsin along and wham Im on the ground. Didnt hurt. Only knocked the bars out of adjustment. No big deal.
Cadillac Hill (Rubicon Trail)
Made for a nice break watching these guys go up and down...but mostly down.

The guy on the green machine ended up breaking his clutch lever...come to find out he didn't bring any spares, no bark busters, no tools....(on the rubicon...:thinking:). Luckily for him I had some hose clamps and duct tape. Wonder if these guys made it back to camp, this was towards the end of the trail and they still had to go back 20sh miles of even worse stuff!






Pictures don't do justice. It is a LOT steeper and slicker than it appears. Heat wasn't an issue though...mid to high 70's.

Ohhh I know pics dont do it justice. It always looks easier in the pics. But knowing that, Im exhausted just looking at these photos. Good thing it was in the 70's. That green bike looks like me:lol: Heck, both of those bikes do:smirk: Why the hell would anyone ride trails like that and not pack extra levers etc..:noidea:
Scodie Mts., 92.3 miles of pure fun! Im riding a 450 X performing ballet on this hill. I so had this deep sand hill:banghead:I hit it so strong, :prof:no really I did! I thought for sure I had it:rolleyes: But then suddenly something happened, I tried to recover twice but no luck. Well it least I made it close enough to the top that I didnt have to do it again:banana: