Dirt Naps and Soil Samples!

Well I think I finally took a real soil sample yesterday. Not sure how I would classify it. Clay/slime/grease...... Thought I would have some fun and jump off a clay hill well when I went off the lip the bike had pretty much slid out from under me. Needless to say the landing was a little.....uh muddy. My visor had about 3" of mud on top and inside. Since I had taken a short cut from the group I was with I had to hurry and fire the bike and catch them. Well when I caught up they all started laughing. (I didn't know I had 3" of mud on top of the visor.) They asked if I stopped for a nap..:rant: Not sure if you guys have the same clay stuff we do here but when you get it on something forget getting it off. I stopped at the creek 3x and tried getting it off the bars and pegs and finally I just gave up. Hit the car was and hit it with the pressure washer and well its still under the fender.:rant::foul: Well sorry no pictures of my mess since no one was around.......Thank God!:lol: Thought I was fine but I'm favoring my shoulder today but it will be ready for this weekend. Hope the bike is. :0)