Dirt Naps and Soil Samples!

when i crashed at the track i had a lot of skin gone on my knee but no tear in my gear. it was like a burn. i had to fight infection with it but got it under control by cleaning it multiple times a day and using bandage not bandaids. I also have some nerve damage but no scars now.
I got road rash on both of my elbows, hands, and hips the only spot you can tell is on my elbows because there is a random spot on my arm where there is no freckles :lol:


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Only from the best. btw James the whoops shot you took for me, I printed 4 off to give to my doctor, surgeon, and a couple sponsors. Best I have :thumb: Thanks
To bad I didn't have my latest camera for that shot, could've been so much better. :bonk:

Regardless, glad you like it. :thumb: