RM250 Coach Project 96 RM250

Coach's project continues!

I pulled the factory pj38 carb, just couldn't get it idling and running right. I swapped in a pwk38 and used some jetting specs from a person who has done this swap before. 52 pilot, dgk needle on the 3rd clip, and 172 main. I am very happy with the outcome, the bike idles now, and it's a little fat up top. I think I either drop the needle 1 clip position or drop the main to a 170.
The bike appears to be running really well from the plug, but the silencer says differently! And I got my hinson basket installed today too!


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So I dropped my pilot as it's been warming up here finally. The jetting is pretty close, but I still can't quite get the bike to consistently idle. It's loading up a bit, but under load it clears up almost immediately. I've been messing with my mix screw and kind of adjusting my idle up and down but I can't quite seem to get it. My digital tach that I've got installed now says in hovers around 2k rpms for a few seconds, then slowly idles down and stalls. Any recommendations?
So, I have to admit, I cheated a little on my last upgrade to the bike...

In all seriousness, the bike is running better than ever. I also retarded my ignition timing to lessen the hit a little. It is just a beast in the woods with the lectron and the 12oz fww. I wish I would have done it sooner.


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