RM250 Coach Project 96 RM250

Looks like I'll be digging a new project out of a buddies shed this weekend or next. I'll be back on a 96 rm250. Apparently the bike is in pieces in his shed, and he's lost interest over the last 4 years and said I could have it . I know the person that owned it before him , all of the parts should be there. Just needs a good cleaning,inspection, and reassembly.

Looking forward to be riding again:ride:
It's been a looong time coming, but now that I've got my own space and I've gotten a little motivation... Hopefully I'll keep progressing here and have the engine back in soon. 20221001_145021.jpg20221022_094028.jpg20221022_094038.jpg20230805_195435.jpg20230805_195515.jpg20230807_195928.jpg20230809_175933.jpg