CDA's TTR Mod Report

OK, so some of you might have heard me talking about doing some Mods on my TTR. Well since I was on the sideline healing from my shoulder surgery, I decided to mod out the TTR so when I was released to ride again, I would have a scooter to slowly get me back into riding condition. It took some time, but I finally got it done and took her out for a spin Yesterday (Friday) to she worked.

Here is what she looked like before the mods started:


Next up, some mods get put on....
So I added a few things to make it a little more friendly on the trails:

I changed out the stock grips for a Pro Taper grip for better control.

I then added some Acerbis Hand guards to protect my hands from getting hit by bushes or roost from my fellow riding Buddy's.

I added this nice little option to handle those 8+ mph speed runs. I liked the one I added to my 450, but went with the under bar mount for this setup.

I know some people so I added turn signals so I can put a plate on this little TTR for future rides when you may have to hit a few streets to link some trails.

Almost done.....
The last thing I did was changed out the graphics and it was ready to go. So here is what the TTR looked liked before I got started:



And here is what it looks like now after the added graphics:



I still have a few more mods to do, like some gearing adjustments and a few added protection parts, but I was real happy with the way it worked out in the Dez on Friday. I am sure there might be a few pics that show up when Rack digs himself out of the snow and gets home to post a RR. :devil:
Good job! You did great at one of the rare yamatoom conversions!
I'm on the cutting edge of technology. It has a patten as well :prof:

wow CDA thats fantastic! you even did an air cooled to water cooled conversion! i bet that wasn't cheap!:smirk:
I shaved off the fins on the air cooled head, drilled a few water jackets in the cylinder and added some hoses I had laying around to feed it the water. It took a little bit of fabricating but it seems to be holding up.

I was scrolling through the pics and I'm like wow... it almost looks like a KTM. HEY! wait a sec! Ipaused for a blink and started laughing.... :lol:
Thanks, I needed the laugh
You really need to be careful of any patent infringements that MAY HAVE unknowingly occurred during this unbelievable transformation. It is so close to looking like a KaBoom it's incredible but one with a trained eye can see it's truely NOT a KTM as it has no water lines on it from the constant drowning :smirk: they often have. PLUS I still see SOME blue peeking out...I'm wondering if I can do the same with my old Huskaroo...:lol:...minus the signals, no intention of riding on pavement (intentionally anyways) :devil: