Fallen Andrew McGarity - Our Australian Brother

I would like to make out there one of these years. Hopefully not in a urn for Pat or Palmer to spray around at their discretion. :smirk:
Nobody said we would spray you around. :thumb:Personally, I would make coffee with your ashes and serve you up at breakfast. "Special NJ Blend". :shocked:
Has it been that long ago already? Wow, time is a buzzing by.
I have not been to the Memorial for a couple of years now and I need to go see what is going on out there. Did someone say a 125 mile loop. FRQ rated or what?
125 mile loops? I've done a 280 mile loop starting at my driveway, with stops at the Husky, the gnome by Fremont pk, and lunch in Randsburg. Sunscreen and ibuprofen are critical to actually making it back to my driveway...

Last time I was out there before the summer heat Andrew's memorial was in good shape