Fallen Andrew McGarity - Our Australian Brother

So as some of you know, we did a little memorial for Andrew McGarity out at the Husky Monument in the So. Cal desert over Thanksgiving weekend. I posted a picture of the group on my Facebook page and James tagged Andrew in the picture which then posted on his page.

I received a message from an old friend of Andrew's who was trying to contact him and came across my picture on his Facebook page and asked if it was true that Andrew was gone.

I explained the short story and told him that I had more pictures on DBA and would send him the link.

That got me thinking that instead of having all the info buried in Andrew's thread and our T-Day thread, I would put one together for Andrew and if any of his friends run across the picture on his FB page, they can get a link to here and see what we did.

Please wait until I am done loading the pictures before commenting and adding your own. I will give the :thumb: when I am done or you will know. :cheers:

Let's begin.....
Here is how it started and these are only the quotes from Andrew and the timeline of when we heard form him:

Mar 20th, 2012
On the 14th of June last year "2011" seen a rather straight forward medical procedure go awfully wrong which has changed my life, and not for the better.
It's extremely likely I'll soon be going into hospital for neurology and other stuff so I'll be quiet for a while.

A lot of stuff has been going on, the doctors now realize severe damage has been done somewhere in the nervous system, wouldn't even doubt the brain area that handles sensation as it seems I've lost sensation to the right arm and other places, not knowing if there little instrument is sharp or blunt when tested.

It should be next week when things start to happen, I've been an emotional mess, 42 and maybe have permanent damage to the nervous system. Depending on the outcome will determine if I'll be around for a long time or short one, cannot keep living like this, so hopefully something can be done, and quickly.

Sorry I couldn't give you good news, but that's life sometimes.

I thought I'd post this up in case some members may be curious as to why I have gone quiet, God willing I can continue to contribute and help when I can, I have a huge battle on my hands and have no idea of the outcome that lays before me.

Thank you all for the fellowship/friendships; it's been a pleasure being a part of the forum. I hope I can get over this and that family won't have to post a fallen message.
Kind Regards
Andrew Mc
May 2nd, 2012
Thank you guy's for the well wishes, prayers and support, it really means a lot to me. I'll try and keep you updated as much as I possibly can; you guys are the best, so lucky to find a forum of like minded people who care about others.
Kind Regards
Andrew Mc[/quote]

May 17th, 2012
Thank you for the well wishes, unfortunately I'm now on a race against time, the peripheral nerves are badly damaged and the alternate to opiate medication is not working, from someone who could ride all day hard is now basically house bound due to the complications from the meds and trying to come to terms with what has happened.

If I can I'll keep you posted, I'm on Oxycontin and Norspan pain patches to keep me going.

Wish I could have given you guys better news. The photo below says it all, I really miss doing it, every day it tears me up bad what has happened, but if something bad does happen at least I've had some good times.
My advice to everyone, make the most of everyday as you never know what lies ahead of you, live life to the fullest, for us dirt bikers that has to be to ride hard and keep it open as much as you can.
I'll try and keep you posted, James, if you can keep an eye on facebook as if something does happen I'll try and get family or friends to post something up there.
Cheers guys - just wish I could have given better news.
May 18th, 2012
Just thought I'd throw that piccie just in case things go the wrong way James, it was a promo shot of me when I raced speedway and was taken at a place called Old Bar.
The bike was one of Todd Wiltshire's factory Jawa's that become the bike to get me through to the end of my career at racing speedway solos. I ended up representing Australia, although I'd tell anyone I'm not one of the best riders out there, but always gave it my best shot. Basically the photo just gives a shot of me in the prime of life, something I want family and friends to remember me by.

A good friend was killed near that very spot "David Hamnett" it was his father John who set me up with that bike, so loosing good friends from sickness and injury has been something I've experienced way to many times.

The other photo's previously posted just gives a brief look at what kind of riding I use to do before I became ill. Guess I just lived to ride !!.

Andrew McGarity, speedway days.jpg
Once we DBAers mourned, we decided to do something in Andrew's memory as we were going out to the desert over T-Day and it was close to the Husky Memorial Monument.

Everyone put their heads together and started throwing ideas out there. Timo - welded or silhouette of a Kangaroo. Big D scored a Aussy flag and wanted to fly it out there. Bolt step in and submitted this picture and got the thumbs up from the group.

So off Bolt went to make something out of it.
A crew was gathered in the desert and we made out way out to the Husky. The plan was to ride, but we all decided to take the trucks as most of the group was last minute and just arrived late the night before.


The drive in was a long trek on a dirt road and took some time to get there. Once we got there is was picture time of the group before we went to work:


As you can see we had a pretty good turn out representing DBA. This is the picture that is on my facebook page.

Let's get a roll call here:

very front (L to R) KTMRack and CDA
Back left to Right - Captain Pumpkin, G-Man, rack Jr., CDA Jr. CP Jr., Kris, Papa CDA, Bolt, WewatherGeek, Xquadtard, The Mgr, Biscuit, Guppy and Chris.
Let's get to work shall we?

Papa CDA checking out the plague with Rack holding it for him.

Bolt at the controls of digging the hole.

CDA Jr was breaking up the hard desert soil so bolt could dig it out.
Post in, cement in and now adding water.

After the water settled, we added more....
rack giving it a "Pat" down and kicking dirt over the water to trap it in.

Standing around to see if we need to do anything else.....
As we where making our way back to the truck, our fallen rider Rick Hobbs says it well with his bench in his honor:

DBA will always be watching over our fallen brethren:

Goodbye Andrew and the Husky Monument. I hope you are twisting throttle and grabbing gears in the place we all know you landed.

Even though we may not have met face to face or ride together, we were riding partners and you will always be apart of the Dirtbikeaddicts family!

I tip one to you Andrew :cheers:
Ok, DBAers the thread is yours to post and add pictures that you might have taken. Again I would like to thank all of you for making this happen and hope we will always remember our Fallen Riders.

CDA Out!
Rest in Peace Andrew. I will always remember you and hope that one day we will all be together for the last big ride.

Jeff, Thanks for putting the Plaque/ monument together.... All those that made the journey out to the Husky for Andrew, Thank you as well. :hail:
Very nice job CDA :thumb: May 23 is going on my calendar and I hope the DBA calendar as well.
Andrew, we hardly knew you but, we all enjoyed you. Rest in peace Brother.
Well done brother Dave. I love how all the input was by fellow riders and the choice words Andrew had said that was added to the plaque. RIP in :aussie: your soil, and your memory has traveled to the USA. No matter what life deals us, keep it pinned!
RIP Andrew, Very short period we talked to you, We realized you are a Dirt bike addict! You are and will be missed. You better start saving me some 94ish parts for when we meet!

Ride on my friend, Ride on :ride: