007 Revisted 06-13-2010

Weathergeek and Irish Hill made the trek from Frazier Park up to my place on Saturday afternoon. chopnwood and KMAFAB came overe and we had a nice little barbque, beer and those boys from so cal dipped into some scotch that they brought with them.

Here is the geek at work

chopnwood and Irish Hill chillin with a few cold brews on the back patio at my place

Sunset at the casa de rack

The plan was to revisit 007 and the site of the KTM fishing expedition Sunday morning. Here we are loaded up and ready to roll come sun up.

First pic of the day is yama_dawgg aka rack jr. He really wants to ride today!!

Oopss forgot about my friend Clay he is the finance guy at Wilson's Motorcycles - Fresno, California Motorcycle Dealer, Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph, KTM, Aprilia he is riding this KTM 300 XC that belongs to his boss. Just wait til you see some of the pics a little later :smirk::devil:

Ah crap! I forgot onelugnut came up to ride Sunday morning too

Irish Hill


The geek and chopnwood. chopnwood ran sweeper all day. Thanks John:thumb:

Heading up a little rock section. The pics just don't do it justice.

rack jr, followed by onelugnut, weathergeek, Clay, and Irish Hill

Here is a group photo. This is when everyone gathered to watch me dust off as I had just gone over the handlebars :foul: Onelugnut was leading and I was on his back tire when he decide to stop. I guess there was a reason i was gaining on him so quickly! Good thing I was the only one with a camera or there would have been a dirt nap pic of me:P.

I am sure some of you would like to see some carnage so stand by :smirk::smirk:
This is a tough right hand turn up and over some rocks. Onelugnet clearing no problem with KMAFAB in the background

KMAFAB, yama_dawwg, Clay clearing it no problem

weathergeek took a differnt line and had a little trouble. The ground jumped out from underneath him :smirk:

Irish Hill - Up, up and away he goes.

chopnwood clearing it

Clay waiting for the group to catch up

KMAFAB followed by yama_dawwg

theres my boy on his new steed!

the geek! Are we there yet :noidea:

Irish Hill and chopnwood
onelugnut making his way toward the infamous waterfall. Followed by Clay, weathergeek,

We arrive at the site of the 007 extraction ride......

KMAFAB who pulled Mike in Fresno's bike out of the drink with weathergeek and irish hill

The water level has dropped a good 12 inches since the previous week. But, there was no way I was going to attempt to cross here again. The water level is going to have to be gone for me to give it a go..........

So we headed up stream on the south side of the water to look for a safer crossing. :banghead: Why didn't we just back track like I had planned and bypass the damn water :noidea:

KMAFAB entering into one of the meadows that we skirt to get further upstream.


rack jr and lugnut

a pic looking where we are headed

Here comes the geek and irish hill


stand by this next set is where things start to get a little interesting.

No why didn't we just back track and avoid the water :noidea: My wife tells me my judgement has been lacking lately :smirk:
So Clay volunteers to go first. You can see him roosting away. He gets to the other side and drowns the bike but at least he made it :foul: i am waiting for him then it's my turn.

I make it across and now KMAFAB and my son are next. Unfortunatley my son does not wait for KMAFAB and follows him right into the water. On the far side is a deep hole about 3.5' deep and guess what JR dumps it!!! :censored:

If you look close he is sunk, done, overboard, send out the swimmers!!!! So we get him out of the water open up the airbox and get teh fish out.

In the meantime chopnwood decides to take the deep route

Once we get to the other side we need to dry out a KTM 300 and a Water_dawwg WR 250 :banghead:

After about 45 minutes we were ready to roll :banana:

stand by more to follow
yama_dawgg heading up the granite


Irish Hill






here we are heade through an off camber left rock turn

We are headed to Shuteye peak or at least as far as we can get. At 6700 feet we run into snow. time to turn back and head to gaggs and whiskey

Break time. weathergeek needs to call home. his business was vandalized while he was driniking scotch and drunk dialing james

While crossing Gaggs we had to get out weathergeeks tow strap to get over some of the snow banks

woops who is that :noidea: its water dawgg falling over and knocking onelugnut over in the process :banghead:

time for a couple of group photos and hit the trail back to the trucks

irish hill on the way back down the trail



Clay trying ot blaxe over the snow bank going downhill. This is the bank that we had a hard time getting over going up hill

uh can you say SNOW NAP :smirk:


uh oh

can you say :snore:

chopnwood almost went over but saved it at the last second

From here we hauled ass back to the trucks.
here is KMAFAB he's a little tired at this point. we bypassed the creek/river and meaneder through the woods by an abandon cabin

We get back to a tricky little rock section and Clay gets ahold of a little too much throttle on the 300 and loops out :smirk:

uh oh how's he gonna splain this to his boss :noidea:

weathergeeks legs just arent long enough. irish hill to the rescue!!!

onelugnut giving us a lesson on how to clear a rock section through the manzanita

KMAFAB and water dawgg for the last pic of the day!!!
Good times :cheers: Thanks to the following addicts for a great day riding fun.

irish hill
yama_dawgg aka rack jr

Many thanks to everyone for the days events! We shall do it again soon!