007 Revisted 06-13-2010

Thanks for runnin sweeper all day! :thumb:
Great report Rack. Thanks for the tour. Always an adventure! Looking forward to the next one.:thumb:

Hey james come on out we will show you right where to test your "new invention" :moon:
Good :ride: report Rack! :thumb:

However I think you guys could really use my new invention. :P

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Come on up Trav you too can test James "new invention" :smirk:
man im jealous ++

looks like it was a lot of fun.
Great RR as always Pat. Great tour guide and host.:thumb::thumb::thumb: Funny thing is, is that the pics don't even do the place justice. The beauty, all the water, snow, pines, riding in mid June with temps mostly in the 70's is nearly priceless. I need to grow some longer legs. Hate those damn tip overs on the technical stuff when I can't dab. Can't wait to get up there again.:thumb:
BTW, had to have your damn water crossing again:shocked::lol::lol::lol::P