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    Good downgrade from Rmz450

    So I got my hands on a rmz450 , previously only had a ttr90 ttr125 and crf80f , got the rmz450 on a trade bike has 4 hours and absolutely no mechanical problems , I drove it a couple times now only stalled 1 once but I’m 5,10 135lbs lol so safe to say it is wayyyy to big for me , I can get used...
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    RM-Z450 06 RMZ450 doesn’t want to start

    I picked up a 06 rmz450 and he told me he tried to do the carb rebuild kit on it and tested it and didn’t get it running so posted for sell. when I got the bike it had spark but low coolant so i just did coolant, oil and oil filter change and new spark plug. took carb off and heard sun shaking...
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    RM-Z450 ISO WTB 2008-2014 RMZ 450 Cylinder Head

    Hello, I would like to buy a used 2008-2014 or possibly up to a 2017 Suzuki RMZ450 Cylinder Head. The Head is mushroomed on the Exhaust cam bearing and the Exhaust camshaft is very scored from running dry. I'm trying to get this engine put back together for my younger cousin who ran the top...
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    RM-Z450 2014 rmz450

    Hey guys Got a problem with my 2014 rmz450 The bike will only run with idle knob pulled out or the hot start leaver on . Once I push the idle switch in the bike will stop straight away ,played around with it but hasn't helped at all. It's a hard one cause can't leave bike running for two...
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    RM-Z250 Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a 2015 engine ?

    hi:ride: I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 2015 gearbox:foul: and the 2016 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they dont now it do anybody can help...
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    Metal shavings in oil

    My 2006 Rmz 450 is running strong but I've found that it was leaking coolant out the overflow tube so I'm replacing the top end hoping its the head gasket but when I drained my oil I found almost inch long metal shavings in the oil with a magnet! But I also found some shavings in my radiator...
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    Rm-z 450 leaking oil out cylinder head

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the cylinder head of a rm-z 450 is supposed to rock or wobble when on a flat surface? My bikes leaking oil out of the cylinder head
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    Cylinder head bolt is hitting can shaft

    I just bought a 2006 Rmz 450 and I take it out for a ride and their is oil leaking out of the cylinder head so I take the head apart to find that the head bolts are not stock and heli-coiled to fit the smaller bolt! So I get the bolts out and take the cam cap out and then I purchased the...