RM-Z450 ISO WTB 2008-2014 RMZ 450 Cylinder Head

Hello, I would like to buy a used 2008-2014 or possibly up to a 2017 Suzuki RMZ450 Cylinder Head.

The Head is mushroomed on the Exhaust cam bearing and the Exhaust camshaft is very scored from running dry.

I'm trying to get this engine put back together for my younger cousin who ran the top end dry. I found a new replacement head for 440.00 but I also need a 1 Exhaust valve which is around 100 new.

I've priced all the parts out new but I would rather find a used one in decent condition that I can transfer all the parts off the old head that are still salvageable and save some money.

So I need a useable CYLINDER HEAD and 1 EXHAUST VALVE

If you have either of these parts please get ahold of me. Thank You for any help.