Tonka Town

Some buddys and I went for a ride Saturday and had an excellent time. The weather was perfect for riding and the ground still was a little wet from recent rains. We found miles of flowing singletrack and beautiful, high speed sand washes with only three other riders sighted all day. Unfortunatly, we were too busy riding to stop for pics, but I did get some taken during our stops.

Tonka Town 005.jpg
Tonka Town 001.jpg
We came across this cool old cabin. Darren's making a friend while Bob kicks back and enjoys the view. There is a guy who acts as sort of a caretaker for the cabin and he and his son were out there when we rolled up. According to the son, the place dates back to maybe the 40's(he wasn't real sure) and at one time had burned down. Many different people donated their time and materials to rebuild it.

Tonka Town 006.jpg
Tonka Town 007.jpg
Tonka Town 008.jpg

The place was real cozy on the inside. With carpeting, a fire and a stocked pantry.

Tonka Town 003.jpg

The Euros out numbered the Jap bikes on this ride. One KTM and two Husabergs to one Kawi and one Honda.

Tonka Town 004.jpg

Dean checking out Darren's '11 Husaberg FE570.
Not too far from the Rock House, we found the remains of an old mine. Naturally, we had to stop for some more pics.
Tonka Town 009.jpg
Tonka Town 010.jpg
Tonka Town 012.jpg
Tonka Town 016.jpg
Tonka Town 013.jpg
Tonka Town 014.jpg

We had barely gone 10 miles from the trucks and had spent more time finding stuff than riding. It was time to put away the cameras and ride. :ride:

Tonka Town 017.jpg

After a long of section trail it's good to take a break at a spot with a view. From left to right: Bob, Neal, Darren and Dean.

Tonka Town 018.jpg

Tonka Town 019.jpg

Tonka Town 020.jpg

Tonka Town 021.jpg

We played around on these hill climbs for a while the headed back to the trucks for some lunch and cold refreshments :cheers: before going back out for a final loop of the day. The final loop featured some beautiful scenery and awesome singletrack, which, again went without getting any pics of. :bonk:

These are some shots during a trailside rest stop.

Tonka Town 025.jpg

Tonka Town 026.jpg

Tonka Town 027.jpg

Tonka Town 029.jpg
Near the end of our last ride, we had what was my favorite find of the day.... Tonka Town! When I first saw it, I thought it was just a scattered junk pile of old toys. Bob said it looked like a Santa's Christmas Sleigh crash site. But, upon a closer look, it was a little town built out of rocks and sticks, and populated with toys of all kinds. It was very cool, but kinda creepy too.

Tonka Town 030.jpg

Tonka Town 031.jpg

Tonka Town 032.jpg

Tonka Town 033.jpg

Tonka Town 034.jpg

Tonka Town 035.jpg

Tonka Town 036.jpg

Tonka Town 037.jpg

Tonka Town 038.jpg

Tonka Town 039.jpg

Tonka Town 040.jpg

It was now that the batteries died in my camera :foul:. After we left Tonka Town it was a short ride back to the trucks and the end to another great day in the Dez. :thumb:
I have been to those cabins a couple of times and they are really neat when you think of all the time that has passed and how many people have inhabited the things over the years. We were in the complete other direction last Saturday and never came close to that place. I must say, you do find some of the strangest things out in the desert. You guys do a good job taking pictures. We are to busy riding and really too lazy to stop and shoot pictures. :smirk:
Sweet RR. Those single tracks look pretty fun. I'll throw in another $1 to chase you around out there sometime.