All Thursday 2-21-13 (Glamis)

Timo has never owned a GPS.:noidea:
Then I stand corrected ... but then again, I've never seen you do any of these...
1) lick your finger and hold it in the air to check for "W" direction
2) Hold you hand over your eyes to check for the horizon
3) Place ear to the ground to listen for buffalo herd location..... Mmmm ear sticky!!

So waht's he looking at when he makes those sudden stops in the middle of nowhere and looks down at where a GPS would be located? Mileage? .... when he realizes OH F*** I've got just enough to get to get back to the truck so we need to gooooooo >>>>>> this way! :eek:..... :tumbleweed:...... :crazy:...... :ride:
I think he just loves his bike that much... He just looks down in AWWEEE