The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

Awesome... then you and he can understand exactly what I'm talking about... the only thing meaner than a one eyed cow was a Brahma bull... they're just plain nasty... we had one jump OVER the fence while he was in the incoming pens before the auction... not sure if a cowboy poked him with a "E" prod or what but wound up in the alley that ran the entire distance in the back. all he had to do was jump the fence to "be free"... If I remember correctly they had to use a tractor to help push him back up to the auction barn. never did get all the way out.

I remember hearing some ruckuss in the incoming pen direction so I climbed the fence to see what was going on and saw Harry (on horse back), the cowboy responsible for pushing the cattle up to the auction ring holding pens. he was yelling at something and saw the head of the bull (can't mistake a Brahma... big tall horns and ears bigger than OBAMA's) peek over the fence and thought ahhh shit, this isn't gonna be good. So I watched him try to get that bull to go the right way but he wasn't having any part of it. There were a few others on the outside of the are he was in which is why I think one of them might have used a prod on him that REALLY pissed him off... he launched himself up and over the fence clearing it... then i had to get back to work.

True story!!!