The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

ok whatever mih
[05-20, 05:11 AM] Mihylo33: lol... BK...
[05-20, 05:11 AM] bobkyle2: I just saved tons on my car insurance
[05-20, 05:09 AM] Mihylo33: *Father for his lack of ambition
[05-20, 05:09 AM] Mihylo33: 1st off I'm German and Portuguese 2ndly I don't work in a dump bragging about my $600 a week. I was also raised to respect my elders and be a decent human being and do my best to be a better person. Not a ham fisted chubby key puncher that blames his Fath
[05-20, 05:08 AM] bobkyle2: I like salad
[05-20, 05:07 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-20, 05:04 AM] suzuki_dude: yeah we know mih, you sound like my moms ex boyfriend...talking about how when you were 14 you worked so much and payed for everything, your both italin to...and it wouldn't surprise me any if when your drunk you get a phony italin accent
[05-20, 05:03 AM] Mihylo33:
[05-20, 05:03 AM] Mihylo33: yeah I heard BK...
[05-20, 05:03 AM] bobkyle2: Hey papa... I ordered my piston bro
[05-20, 05:01 AM] bobkyle2: Ive worked.......Since i can remember really
[05-20, 05:00 AM] Mihylo33: Med school
[05-20, 05:00 AM] Mihylo33: when I was 14 I worked 40hrs a week and still went to school... I even paid my way to college..
[05-20, 05:00 AM] bobkyle2: Ya bro hes 14
[05-20, 04:59 AM] Mihylo33: whatever... pfffft
[05-20, 04:59 AM] suzuki_dude: im 14
[05-20, 04:58 AM] Mihylo33: you have an excuse BK you have a job to support your family that requires an abnormal shift
[05-20, 04:57 AM] bobkyle2: Me neither
[05-20, 04:57 AM] Mihylo33: yeah I'll take some mouth from a 13 yrold Know -it all now... It aint gonna happen. You can't even succumb to a normal sleep schedule
[05-20, 04:55 AM] suzuki_dude: STFU ill read them just not now
[05-20, 04:54 AM] Mihylo33: let me know how you make out in 20 years... I'm sure it will be someone elses fault cause no one gave you any guidance.
[05-20, 04:53 AM] suzuki_dude: nothing i read about half of one of them things and then i went to bed
[05-20, 04:52 AM] bobkyle2: lol
[05-20, 04:52 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-20, 04:52 AM] Mihylo33: Sudu what did you change about your life yesterday?

You guys should really start Getting on here earlier...Its pretty epic
:picard: My dad would slap me so hard if I disrespected my elders. Like my face would be black and blue for a week. On the other hand, the best lesson is one from experiance. Time will come soon enough.
Looks like two dicks bashing around the same pair of pants to me.... A time out won't help. -BIG DAN:thumb:
05-21, 02:42 PM Nighthawk016
jos quit turning back to that you ass hat if anything you are ignorant because you cant see past you precious KTM

I was looking for a link i posted a couple days ago... And this caught my eye........ and i laughed for minutes...buahaha :devil:


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im outa here too for a bit, gotta walk the floor and whip the kids that are working in the sweat shop
:shocked: Not sure I'd share that info online, never know which government agency might see it. :devil:
:prof: No defending of your own quotes is allowed. :smirk:

^^^^^ this quote is positively indefensible :prof: :smirk:

By the way Jazz, didn't you get the memo - J-Mach and Naturaledge operate inside the rulz - we just manipulate them. You know, that's just how we roll......


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:lol::cry::lol: Somebody posted this on the DBA Facebook wall and it was just to funny to not put it in here. :lol:

"I LOVE MY BIKE SO MUCH I WANA LUBE UP THE TAILPIPE AND DO DIRTY THINGS TO IT!" says my friend, me " I love my bike to but damn!"