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Hi this is Weathergeeks wife. How r all of you today? Just here for a moment to answer the question of :
What did you do to your bike today?

Well I'm just about sure my hubby walked into the garage and gave it a great big kiss and hug. You know, just like he does every morning. Also I think I overheard him saying, "goodbye dear" as he shut the garage door on his baby. Do you think I should be worried?

Sorry Bruce had to do this when I noticed this was open. Love ya and have a good day!!
:lol: Way to go Mrs. Geek. :thumb:
[05-19, 06:09 AM] Mihylo33: change today or at 18 yrs old you will be selling handjobs at the local truckstop to lonely men
[05-19, 06:09 AM] bobkyle2: I still love you Suzuki_dudet
AM] Mihylo33: Anyone with common sense wouldnt let their child stay home all day
[05-19, 06:07 AM] suzuki_dude: there is no point in going back to school for 2 weeks!
[05-19, 06:06 AM] Mihylo33: No.... you need to tell your dad. " hey I want a better life. I want to go back to school!
[05-19, 06:06 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-19, 06:05 AM] suzuki_dude: no i wanted to be homeschooled
[05-19, 06:05 AM] suzuki_dude: so i need to tell my dad "listen your gonna stop being a lazy bum and help me with that clutch cover"
[05-19, 06:04 AM] Mihylo33: Thats why you are home from school... right... cause he said so?
[05-19, 06:04 AM] suzuki_dude: i dont get it?
[05-19, 06:04 AM] Mihylo33: You are his crutch!
[05-19, 06:04 AM] Mihylo33: You dont get it... you dont need him... HE needs you!
[05-19, 06:03 AM] suzuki_dude: well its better living with him than my mom, my moms great but im 14 i need dad
[05-19, 06:03 AM] Mihylo33: you need YOU! You need drive! You need to say "I want to be a better person and I want more out of life!"
[05-19, 06:02 AM] Mihylo33: you don't need someone to bring you down...
[05-19, 06:02 AM] Mihylo33: then get rid of him!
[05-19, 06:02 AM] suzuki_dude: i dont get how, i need (or at least want) my dads help but he wont help me...he wont help me with anything at all my clutch cover on my bike still leaks becuase i need/want his help to get it to stop so i dont eff something up
[05-19, 06:00 AM] bobkyle2: brb
[05-19, 06:00 AM] Mihylo33: THEN CHANGE! WTF????
[05-19, 05:59 AM] suzuki_dude: i know im lazy
[05-19, 05:59 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-19, 05:58 AM] Mihylo33: you are patheticly lazy... I'm surprised you make it to the bathroom
[05-19, 05:58 AM] Mihylo33: Sudu go back and read all your threads from this year...
[05-19, 05:57 AM] Mihylo33:
[05-19, 05:57 AM] suzuki_dude: i have like 15 books i havn't read im just to lazy to read em
[05-19, 05:56 AM] suzuki_dude: well to tell you the truth i never get to go to the library, my dad wont take me anywhere
[05-19, 05:56 AM] Mihylo33:
[05-19, 05:55 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-19, 05:55 AM] Mihylo33: excuses... The library has 10000 books!
[05-19, 05:54 AM] Mihylo33: reach between your legs with both hands, grab your ears and pull your head out of your ass.
[05-19, 05:54 AM] suzuki_dude: well i HAD my own personal library that i spend 3 years getting books for i probly had 200 books then when my moms stalker ex boyfriend was moving our stuff to a storage unit he left my books in the old house and now they're gone
[05-19, 05:53 AM] Mihylo33: If you are crying about not being where you want to be now, in 10yrs you are gonna be crying again and again in 20 yrs...

ok whatever mih
[05-20, 05:11 AM] Mihylo33: lol... BK...
[05-20, 05:11 AM] bobkyle2: I just saved tons on my car insurance
[05-20, 05:09 AM] Mihylo33: *Father for his lack of ambition
[05-20, 05:09 AM] Mihylo33: 1st off I'm German and Portuguese 2ndly I don't work in a dump bragging about my $600 a week. I was also raised to respect my elders and be a decent human being and do my best to be a better person. Not a ham fisted chubby key puncher that blames his Fath
[05-20, 05:08 AM] bobkyle2: I like salad
[05-20, 05:07 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-20, 05:04 AM] suzuki_dude: yeah we know mih, you sound like my moms ex boyfriend...talking about how when you were 14 you worked so much and payed for everything, your both italin to...and it wouldn't surprise me any if when your drunk you get a phony italin accent
[05-20, 05:03 AM] Mihylo33:
[05-20, 05:03 AM] Mihylo33: yeah I heard BK...
[05-20, 05:03 AM] bobkyle2: Hey papa... I ordered my piston bro
[05-20, 05:01 AM] bobkyle2: Ive worked.......Since i can remember really
[05-20, 05:00 AM] Mihylo33: Med school
[05-20, 05:00 AM] Mihylo33: when I was 14 I worked 40hrs a week and still went to school... I even paid my way to college..
[05-20, 05:00 AM] bobkyle2: Ya bro hes 14
[05-20, 04:59 AM] Mihylo33: whatever... pfffft
[05-20, 04:59 AM] suzuki_dude: im 14
[05-20, 04:58 AM] Mihylo33: you have an excuse BK you have a job to support your family that requires an abnormal shift
[05-20, 04:57 AM] bobkyle2: Me neither
[05-20, 04:57 AM] Mihylo33: yeah I'll take some mouth from a 13 yrold Know -it all now... It aint gonna happen. You can't even succumb to a normal sleep schedule
[05-20, 04:55 AM] suzuki_dude: STFU ill read them just not now
[05-20, 04:54 AM] Mihylo33: let me know how you make out in 20 years... I'm sure it will be someone elses fault cause no one gave you any guidance.
[05-20, 04:53 AM] suzuki_dude: nothing i read about half of one of them things and then i went to bed
[05-20, 04:52 AM] bobkyle2: lol
[05-20, 04:52 AM] bobkyle2:
[05-20, 04:52 AM] Mihylo33: Sudu what did you change about your life yesterday?

You guys should really start Getting on here earlier...Its pretty epic


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:thinking: I'm thinking that maybe Sudu needs a break from DBA, as much as it goes against my business model, I think he spends to much time on here. :noidea:

There you go BK, I edited it down for you again. :smirk:
At least it wasn't "I like peas". :smirk: