The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

Most everyone Loves my buttcrack.
Lot's just wanna keep on going into my buttcrack, again and again.
Some say it's tight, some say it's sweet, and some say it's hairy. Yep!! a tight, sweet, hairy buttcrack.
Some like going both ways, up and down my buttcrack.
There has been time when it's dirty and slimy in my buttcrack, but this week, it was pretty clean and dry.
The last time around, someone broke their finger in my buttcrack and another almost lost their camera in there.
Some have never seen my buttcrack. others have and cannot find it again.
for many, my buttcrack is on their mind....


Msgtretired has me hooked on "crack":smirk: He makes it sound so nasty but it IS really an awesome trail at Hungry Valley.