The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

Yeah I never saw that gear tapped either :devil: I heard from a guy, who knew this dude, who's girlfriend's boyfriend was sponsored by a shop that had a rider that rode in the desert with a guy that raced desert along side of this factory person who told him about a legend of the person on a KX500 running wide open across the desert in 5th gear with roll-offs flapping in the wind....:smirk:



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What an awesome ride...:thumb: Here is my report:


And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed it...

so he got bored then spun around then said hello to someone and blah blah blah for a bit then waited a short time then did some jumping jacks then waited a little longer before going on a ride and after some time he was drooling when he seen something very WOW then back on to another ride then he waited a while before poking someone with a stick then going on a ride then waiting a while before giving the thumbs up for another ride to somewhere he dont know but he hailed to the gods to blah blah before waiting a while to go on another ride after waiting a while he though about going to ride TWO TIMES after a bit he came back and ate some popcorn before another ride then after some time the cops came and brutally smacked him in the back of the head but he did some kiss ass brown nosing and got to go ride and after a while he seen some more WOW on another ride and after some time he made a doh moment which made him angry but he got to go on his last ride before saying by to everyone and being bored again.

i am accepting roost as donations for my hard interpretation work.

Wow, nice play-by-play.


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Disclaimer: Timoyz does not condone riding in Wilderness Areas, or applying DBA stickers on Guberment owned signs. Timoyz's posts are meant for entertainment purposes only, and not designed as ideal public behavior.:prof:
Now you tell us. :smirk:


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Yeah but atleast it isnt my forum where I post duplicate vids.... lol

I'm so embarrased....
I don't exactly see every post/thread as they happen, to many of them (I currently have 5 pages of Unread threads).

But now if I'd replied to the first thread before posting the video, it'd be a little different. :bonk: