The Fishing Thread

Time for a fish story ........... So a guy was sitting in a bar down by Boston harbor having a couple beers celebrating having caught a big no HUGE fish earlier in the morning... Another gent sees him smiling and shaking everyones hand and decides to ask whats going on, the guy tells him "I just caught theeeee biggest fish ever right here in the harbor... "..."Is that right the other guys askes...can I see it, nahhh I already cleaned it and took it home" "so how big was it"?... the man says 6 feet long and then some!!! It was a 6 foot steelhead by god... WOW the other guy says that's fantastic... I've never HEARD of a fish coming out of these waters THAT big before. Let me tell you a story of a catch "I" made one time. I was out in the harbor in a little dingy when I felt a tug, I sat for a moment then another tug so I reeled... it became harder and harder to reel in but I finally got it to the edge fo the boat...I reached down to pull it in..." The other guy askes "well...what was it, a steelhead, salmon, halibut, what???" "Nope, the man says you aint gonna believe this but it was a lantern." A lantern, that's it? Ahhh, but it wasn't any old lantern, when I wiped it down I saw an inscription on it...". The guy askes, what'd it say??? Well, it said P. R. 1776... I'm guessing it stood for Paul Revere when he made his famous ride through town in 1776... Oh my goodness the other man says that's fantastic... the guy that caught says THAT'S not ALL... Really??? nope, the best part was, the wick was still lit!!!! No way the guy says, it sure was... ahhh come on you expect me to believe that....well, let me see here... you caught a "6 ft fish in Boston harbor where nothing that big has EVER been caught before and you can't prove it...... let's say YOU cut off 4 feet of that fish and I'll blow out my wick and call it even!

Thank you thank you...... I'll be here till Thursday!