some LPNF Vids

I had a great day, didn't launch off at all like the first time I took that loop a few weeks ago. Had a couple of close calls and a few slow speed dump it overs, but all in all, a lot of fun riding:ride: Now I'll have to figure out if my video recordings are worth a crap to post!
A few vids from Saturday's ride. more are loading. Will look at today's ride soon.


Piru Creek trail
- Goldhill to 1st creek crossing:
- 1st to 2nd creek crossing:
- 2nd water crossing to bush tunnel:
- bush tunnel to miller:

Lockwood trail
- trail 128 to 125:
- trail 125 to 126:
- trail 126 to 123:

- fire road atop hill:
One of these days I'll be joining you guys. Just had too much to do. I did manage to get a ride in over Frazier. My ride spanned Saturday and Sunday. Started just before sunset and ended just after midnight.

No photos though. It's hard to get anything more than black. That makes it hard to have much of a ride report. One thing is for sure. There is no worrying about on coming riders at night. For some reason we didn't see anyone on the trails. Wait that is not quite true. There were two guys on top of the mountain who were doing amateur radio. What they call a "field day." It's sort of a contest of who can talk to the most others and the top of that mountain is a good place for them. There was a lot of wildlife. I always see more at night. A bunch of big jackrabbits. They like running down the trail. I saw two foxes in the trail as well.

I had several lighting issues. I ended up taping a LED flashlight to my helmet in cast the lights went out (again). That worked as prevention and I didn't have any cases of unscheduled darkness.
That area looks pretty low in altitude. Do they close it down in winter?

Higher than you might think. It's 8000 at the top. Most of the trails are above 4500 and the average must be at least 6000. It's closed from the first good snow until April or so. It didn't open until May this year if I remember correctly.
for some elevation reference, per my garmin.....

Edison stagin area in Hngry Valley is 4086
Lockwood creek on the backside is 4793
Lookout is 8030
Tejon~Goldhill is 5977