some LPNF Vids

Im glad the fire hasnt reached you Geek:thumb:

I sure hope the officals dont overreact with closures. I need to get a couple more rides in up there before it closes.
Being that you like me on my knees, why not pull out the pic of me on my ass?:moon::wave:

Ok :lol:

The video merge gives a good comparison between helmet mount and chest mount. I like the helmet as it takes in what you are looking at but sometimes you get too much motion. The chest mount seems more stable but you can miss some of the action off to the sides. I would probably knock the camera off my helmet so I better stick with the chest mount for now.

Piru has some gnarly spots with the rocky drop to the side and that one spot near the end of the first section that is so narrow you can't stop because your left foot would be in the air and your right handlebar would be on the rock. Aim and go! Then the climb out after that creek crossing looks like a challenge too! Looks like the payoff is when you sit in the creek and have the other bikes splash you:thumb:
Another outstanding ride in the LPNF. edlang1 and myself went on an 80 mile ride. 2.3 gallons on my 3.0 gallon tank. ;-) We were gonna stage at Edison, however, it was closed due to a special event. So we met at Sterling stagin area. the next one in.

We decided to take a run through the buttcrack and the cottonwood trails before heading up to the forest. We swung back through the stagin area to see if anyone else showed up. We ended going up East Frazier (120) across the fire road (8n42), down Whata (131), across Tejon (122), down Long Dave (123), up Lockwood (127), through Yellowjacket (126), up Mutau Flat (7n03) , Half Moon (7n13), to near piru creek. decided to turn around as we were near half a tank of gas, and wasn't sure of the trail conditions ahead. returned Half Moon (7n13), down Mutau Flat (7n03), through Yellowjacket (126), down Lockwood (127), up west Frazier (118), up West Frazier tie road (119), down Whata (131), down Tejon (122), back to sterling stagin area.

Mutau flat and half moon had some water crossings, a foot to a foot and a half deep. half moon has some sand and rocky areas. and stupid Yellowjacket close lined Ed off his bike. some boneheads had a cable attached to a tree runnin across the trail . Ed was lucky. he only cut his jersey and flew off the bike. We raised the cable out of harms way. Wish we had cable cutters though. Dangerous. If someone is gonna use steel cabling to maintain trails and hold trees. they need to do it right. jeeesh. Ed need to buy a lottery ticket. He wasn't hurt,. It could of gone bad.
MSG are your tracks you posted mapsource? If so could I get some of your better tracks. The harder the better:thumb: PLEASE I will not send them to anyone!! Hoping to ride there after Oct 1